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Women's day in Hiša eksperimentov

Hiša eksperimentov prepared a special programm for the celebration of Women's day 2011 which we combined to be the first gender day in our science centre.

As usual we spiced up our activities with a bit of our own charisma and some genuine ideas.

It started with the IAT test for all the visitors of the centre. 

At 1 pm there was the opening of a new exhibit called “BITi ali ne BITi” (“To BIT or not to BIT”). It explains trough “hands-on” way the conversion from the analogue to the digital world. This is explained through the streaming of water from and to cylinders of different sizes. The experiment was opened by dr. Jana Kolar, the general director of the - Directorate for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Higher education, Science and Technology.

The doors of Hiša was opened tho the whole day for free for all women and men accompanied by a woman. 

The first day of Gender day ended with activity znaČAJ znanosti (TEAsing Science). Seven scientists (among them five women) had five minutes to present their work and their passion towards research. Scientists came from different branches: Karin Kanc - diabetologist, Alenka Mozer - high school teacher, Urša Opara Krašovec - chemist, Nataša Vaupotič - physicist, Maja Zagmajster - biologist, Gorazd Planinšič - physicist and Miha Kos – physicist.

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