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Gender Day Events to celebrate science of women/to women


8th, 10th March 2011

Città della Scienza, Naples


European Union is focusing attention on the attitude of current European teaching systems that keep fostering gender stereotypes and invites Members to promote awareness campaigns.

Gender Day means to accept this challenge by encouraging youngsters’ interest towards science and technology.

  • Supporting woman in scientific careers
  • Offering a new image of Science and woman in Science
  • Stimulating talking and debates on gender issues thus offering youngsters new tools to face stereotypes and prejudices connected with gender  issues  career opportunities.

Innovative methodology of our events is an important opportunity to involve the most important scientific, social and economic operators as well as the school system of our area. There is a wide  program of activities encouraging youngster, especially woman, to choose scientific and technological careers.


8th March 2011 : Science to women

On the occasion of International women day, the science centre di Città della Scienza will be free to women, a way to encourage them to discover a world where women stay not much represented.


10th March 2011 : Science of women




9.30 am – 11.30 am  Workshop, Saffo Hall

High school students will talk with experts about gender issues connected with universities and job opportunities.

Content: every speaker presents his work on positive stereotypes of women experience in politics and science. An open debate will follow.


Moderator: Donatella Trotta, IL MATTINO newspaper 



·         Enza Sanseverino, CGIL Campania

·         Valeria Maione, University of Genoa, Political and Social Science Department, Council Equal Opportunity Liguria region

·         Daniela Corda, Institute Biochemistry of Protein - CNR Naples

·         Cristina Mangia, ISAC-CNR di Lecce

·         Monica Zoppé, IFC - CNR Pisa Genetic and molecular therapy


12.30 pm – 13.30 pm Short talk,  Agorà GNAM - Science Centre

Five female scientists will reveal their personal experiences to public!


Moderator: Federica Sgorbissa, scientific journalist


• Daniela Corda, Institute Biochemistry of Protein - CNR Napoli (pending confirmation)

• Raffaella Casotti, Anton Dohrn Naples

• Anna Maria Aloisi, University of Siena - Department of Medical Physiology and Surgery

• Kathy Bell, INFN of Naples

• Monica Martelli Castaldi, Martelli Castaldi &


3.00 pm – 5.00 pm 5th Annual meeting “Woman and Science” Mediterranean,  Water and fire lands. Woman and Science tales. Saffo Hall

This edition is focused on the interaction between Nature, Art and Science and endless source of inspiration for those researchers who work in scientific field, as well as humanistic one, in the Mediterranean area that is symbol of cohesion and meeting of natural, cultural and gender varieties. Three Neapolitan researchers will introduce the model-system Campi Flegrei.


Daniela Montesarchio, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Naples Federico II

Chair - Pina Castronuovo Department of Chemistry, University of Naples Federico II
Campi Flegrei between myth and memory
Rossana Valenti, University of Naples, Department of Classical Philology

Chair - Delia Picone, Department of Science of Nutrition, University of Naples Federico II
Campi Flegrei - Deep structure
Concettina Nunziata, Department of Earth Sciences University of Naples Federico II

Chair - Tina Giancola, Department of Chemistry, University of Naples Federico II
From the origins of life to biotechnological applications
Agata Gambacorta, Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry - CNR

Moderator: Emma Buondonno Department of Urban Design and Urban Planning University of Naples Federico II

Maria Rosaria Masullo National Institute of Nuclear Physics - Section of Naples


More activities in the Science Centre


9.30 am to 5.00 pm Research area: a group of researchers coming from different faculties and research centers in Campania region will show the public their experiences with interactive research laboratory.


Research theme of the exhibition












9.30 to 5.00 pm Laboratory gender for children aged between 4 and 7 years managed by experts psychologists in childhood gender dynamics. Workshop.


9.30 to 5.00 pm Information Point "Europe Direct" Study on European opportunities and working conditions for women.

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