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”Yes, You Can!” - The International Women's Day 2011 at Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

120 boys and girls (grades 9 and 10) took part in "speed-dating" sessions with 20 young female scientists.

The scientists met with small groups of these students to discuss the challenges of their careers and described their actual work in genetics, brain research, mathematics, biophysics, computers, and other fields.


The event concluded with a provocative discussion: "Why So Few?" Why are far fewer women than men attracted to science and technology and How can we change this situation?


Throughout the event the students were invited to respond to three provocative statements about women in science at a ballot box named "What's Your Opinion?”. They had to choose between Agree, Don't care, and Disagree. They "voted" by placing beads (green for female and yellow for male) in the appropriate place. The box was opened at the End of the morning activity, revealing the participants’ reactions to the provocative, stereotypical statements.

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