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TWISTY Open Space Technology workshop at Citta della Scienza


The very significant experience of the TWIST project was organise the OST Open Space Technology workshop during three days activities. Organizing an OST is not simple. The first reaction is one of doubt, of scarce understanding of what will be done during the workshop, especially for those who do not have relevant experience and who have never participated in a workshop of this kind. Participating in a non-structured debate is not easy to imagine, but in the end everyone goes away with enthusiasm and a lot of interest in the methodology.


In fact the OST methodology has found great success and all the participants went away with the desire to be involved in new discussion meetings as soon as possible, having had the opportunity to discuss and face several realities, often distant and inaccessible, and to express freely their own opinions.

Almost all the participants, in the end, during the concluding phase of the OST, defined the OST as being an opportunity to feel involved and, even if one day does not solve doubts and problems, but it does arouse interest in deepening into the arguments that were dealt with by having the participants asking themselves questions. 

Many have also given their availability to continue collaborating in the future activities of the project.

The participants were motivated by the enthusiasm of the people involved in the TWIST project, but the theme of discussion of the OST itself was already interesting and motivating, and for this reason it was not necessary to apply great strategies in order to motivate the people to participate. The first reaction was that of doubt and uncertainty, but curiosity prevailed. Many participants were not aware of the OST methodology, and in the end they were really enthusiastic, asking to be invited to other OST workshops in the future.


True testimony of a girl: 

“I had a completely different idea of research work done by women scientist that doesn’t  correspond to reality. Before I felt disheartened, but this experience has made me change idea. I imagined that there are big difficulties to women to work in scientific field, instead, discussing with them I understand that passion and sacrifices  overcome stereotype and biases. All that gives me a hope that I didn’t have before and hopefully in the future I will be a scientist women”. 


In the environment of the TWIST project the use of this methodology has permitted us to reach, in a short time, more social factors in order to pursue a common objective. Certainly the results are only starting points or ideas, not solutions, but they can be elaborated for sure, by sharing them with the partners and from those a starting point can be drawn for the definition of the future activities on gender and women.

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