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TWIST experience at Hisa ekperimentov

All activities and events that we performed during the Twist project were special and original in many ways. We were often surprised by stories of female scientists and their scientific success and by their willingness to share their enthusiasm with the target group of the project.

For the last three day  Gender day event we set the Twist exhibition module and Twisty was also among us for the entire event. We were all surprised how well Twisty was accepted among our visitors and demonstrators. We have learned that Twisty is in fact a very positive character and encourages discussion of several topics. Visitors met Twisty in the first room where they are entering in Hiša eksperimentov. Many of them (especially young visitors) instantly formed a positive relationship with it. It actually became an important figure during their visit to the science centre. They were returning back to Twisty, reporting to him/her on the facts that they had learned and about the amazing things they experienced during their visit of Hiša eksperimentov. It was also surprising to us to observe how easily people were able to communicate the gender issues in a conversation with the virtual puppet.


We observed also similar relationship between the demonstrators and Twisty. There, the most interesting thing was that despite they knew the “magic” behind Twisty and they personally knew the puppeteer operating it, they treated Twisty as a person and a helpful companion working in our science centre.


We believe that Twisty was one of the most notable TWIST stories this year.