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Night of the nerds at NEMO

The 9th of October 2011 there a special event was held at NEMO, Amsterdam for adolescents (16 - 20 years old) in the evening. This evening was all about fast and flashy science & technology.


During the event there were three futurologists present, who predict the future. By means of an interview with the futurologist, visitors discover what they feel their talents are and discuss how these talents can be applied in their future in science and technology. The futurologists specifically motivate girls to actively look for them and talk to them about their opportunities in their science future. At the end of the conversation, they receive a wristband with the text ‘ You’ve been TWISTed’ . Even though the interview consists of regular questions and answers, the interviewers use props like test tubes with indicator fluid to add a quasi-scientific feel to the interview.

Science Theatre: Lessons of Madam Curie on air pressure - autumn break (24 - 30 October) 

a special science show for children (age 8-12 years) and their parents with a female role model and an important scientist of the past: Madame Marie Curie. 

In the theatre show, Marie Curie tells about a number of physics and chemistry lessons for her daughter and children of her colleagues. In the show, she deals with questions like: why does a boat float, does air have weight, how to make a barometer, what is the density of a given material and how do you measure that? She highlights the importance of women in science and acts as a role model.

Lecture and debate about the Gender Brain

In the evening of the 9th of November there was  a lecture and discussion panel about the Gender Brain and the impact and relevance of differences between 'male' and 'female' brains. The debate was titles ‘Testosterone ceiling: about Alpha males and Beta females’ and consisted of several Dutch scientist experts (men and women). The target group of the lecture were adults.  In this event the IAT  is introduced as well. 

Note that the title was chosen because in Dutch the science and technology field is referred to as ‘beta’ (alpha stands for humanities, beta is exact science and gamma is social sciences).