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Article local press on Gender day


Events to Celebrate Women in Science

March 8 & 10, 2011

Science Centre Città della Scienza, Naples

The gender dimension of research shows an extremely low percentage of women in research in all European countries. In Europe, interest in science and technology is waning, while the demand for graduates in science and technology grows. The European Union has informed its Member States that European education systems continue to fuel stereotypes in this field and has invited them to advocate awareness-raising initiatives.

Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza has carefully been committed to activities that  raise public awareness to gender and science for years. It aims to promote and increase interest among young people towards science and technology, encouraging especially girls to pursue scientific careers in hopes of conveying a new image of science and of women in science, as well as diminishing stereotypes.


As part of the celebrations dedicated to women, Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza has organized a "Gender Day" that will take place in the Science Center on Thursday, March 10, 2011 from 9:30 to 17:00. “Gender Day” represents an opportunity to discuss and compare the realities of women in science with researchers, scientists, economists, politicians and scientists, in order to make people aware of existing stereotypes and perceptions to gender roles and career paths.


This information day on scientific research in Italy conducted by scientists is  sponsored by the Ministry of Gender and Equal Opportunities. Secondary school students can discuss gender issues that arise at the university and in the work world with experts and scientists. Scientists from various research institutes and universities will speak to the public, revealing the passions that inspired their choice of studies and career paths.

Researchers from different faculties and research centers in the Campania Region will demonstrate research findings to the public through both interactive and laboratory experiments, leaving a moment of dialogue to discuss the scientific and social implications of their projects.

Workshops for children between ages 4-7 will be conducted by psychologists specializing in gender dynamics in childhood.

The “Europe Direct” information point will be dedicated to activities promoted by the European Union for women in education, training and research.


5th Annual Meeting of the Neapolitan "Women in Science" Committee at the University of Naples Federico II Mediterranean Lands of Fire and Water: Tales of Women and Science.

The event focuses on the interaction between nature, art and science, which have always been sources of inspiration for researchers working in science and humanities in Mediterranean countries, an area historically symbolic for cohesion and the comparison of natural, cultural and gender differences. Three local scientists will speak about the Campi Flegrei-system model, which exemplifies the relationship between the local scientific community and the territory, which is a social fact as much as it is historical, geographical and biological.


The innovative and exciting program of events is an opportunity to actively involve the major scientific, educational, social and economic institutions in the area to stimulate and attract young people, particularly girls, to choose careers in science and technology.

This initiative gives rise to communication, information and awareness activities about the state of women in science as provided by the European Project TWIST - Towards Women In Science & Technology