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From very young, Anja Fonseca has been in love with everything ending on -ology. Science has her full attention and she is passionate about pretty much all science related subjects. She loved studying geology at university. But by coincidence she ended up as a weather host at DR, Denmark’s largest TV station. Her face is well known to most people in Denmark.

Anja doesn’t really care if a position is filled by a man or a woman. Most important to her is that the one with the best qualification gets the job.

Anja has a build-in curiosity about the world, so surprisingly enough for her most kids at her school thought that science wasn’t interesting at all. And science in general has had tough odds for years. So Anja hopes that she being a public face and showing her passion about science on a daily basis will open the eyes of children, woman and men for that sake – ‘because science IS fun…and besides: knowledge is the key to success for a country like Denmark’.

In Anja’s team they are four weather hosts. Two men and two women. The men are 10-20 years older than the women. They have a bit ‘patina’ and are viewed upon differently than the women, and people tend to call the women ‘weather girls’. ‘I’m not a weather girl. I’m a weather host – just as the men’, says Anja. ‘It really annoys me. It emphasises an attitude saying that women doing this job should just look good on the screen and deliver a few weather facts.  That we too are well founded scientifically and academically is less important. I wish to oppose to this tendency. I will do my utmost to come through as a skilled and reliable weather host that just happens to be a woman’.

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