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It takes both men and women to succeed

Anja Boisen leads a dynamic research team at Denmark’s Technical University. There is no doubt in Anja’s mind that the best results are created when you mix men and women in a research team. Different viewpoints are put into play much easier, the perspective is widened and synergies emerge.

Anja Boisen is one of Denmark’s leading professors in nano technology. She aims at solving such diverse problems as detecting mines and treating cancer using microscopical nano sensors.

Privately this is also the case. Anja is married to Frank and the mother of two children, Signe and Sofus. They are a busy family – both parents pursue careers. For Anja this is possible for two main reasons. Well functioning day care centres and schools make sure that Anja and Frank can put energy and passion into their jobs, well aware that their kids are safe and happy during the day. Another reason is that Frank is happy sharing the jobs at home with Anja e.g. take his shifts, when the kids are sick. ‘A good home base is essential…otherwise it would have been hard’ says Anja.

It is probably hard to imagine what a scientist actually does. It may even sound a bit boring. But to Anja it is not. She travels the world to meet her international colleagues. And she thinks it is good fun to beat other teams on the on-going competition of reaching the best results – not to mention the highlight of getting great, creative ideas and see them succeed within her team.
And mind you – Anja is no superwoman. Some days she is just an ordinary mum watching Disney Channel with her kids in the sofa.

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