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Scientists are detectives solving mysteries

‘It’s a bit like being a detective and solving mysteries just waiting there to be solved. And being the first in the whole wide world to see the true facts about something you are looking for is… just amazing.’ says Anne Marie Lund Winther, 31 and a very promising Danish scientist.

With a background in molecular biology she puts all her expertise into proteins, muscular cells and how proteins are fastened to the surface of cells. She is working part time as a scientist at the Copenhagen University, Faculty of Life Sciences and part time as one of the owners and founders of a biotech company - Pcovery. And then she is married and a mum to a 1½ year old son.

Anne Marie is using the same basic skills in two different directions: At the university she is searching for a protein that ensures that our muscles are able to contract and relax. At her company she is developing a medicine preventing or treating mycosis. Mycosis causes problems - especially to vulnerable patients like cancer patients treated with chemo and patients getting organ transplants.

‘A lot less nerdy’
Anne Marie’s husband is in her own words ‘a lot less nerdy’ than herself and she considers it a benefit that he is not involved in research at all. ‘Then we have other things to talk about’, she says. Anne Marie has a son ‘and it is time consuming having kids and having two jobs at the same time’. She divides her day into different periods. When she’s with her son he gets her full attention. When he sleeps at night, she may turn to the computer for an hour or two. ‘Unless my husband asks me to turn it off to talk to him instead’ she says with a smile.

The best part of science
The very best part of working with science in general and molecular biology in particular is that you have so many opportunities to make new discoveries. And doing that –understanding what no one else has seen before, is beyond description. But remember not to choose science if you don’t like it, otherwise it is too hard to get through your studies. ‘But, hey, if your dream is construct the coolest roller coaster in the world, then you may have to get started’.

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